Take a look at the copywriting services I offer below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch. My experience also includes TV commercial scripts, advertising slogans, guides and coffee table tombs.

Perhaps you have a special product launch or an upcoming anniversary such as a business centenary? Have you considered a quirky one-off poem to mark the occasion? Let's talk about what would work for you.


A website that makes an impact is crucial in marketing your business online: your website is your online shop window. I can write copy for your site, or simply edit the existing copy, ensuring your message is communicated in the style and tone you want. Potential customers will search online for a product or service, so after identifying your business’s key words, I will subtly integrate these into the content to help improve your search engine ranking. I can also supply meta data (key word descriptions for the back end of your website) which will contribute towards your position in search engines.


When a potential customer visits your website, you want them to stay on your site for as long as possible, and see what you have to offer. As well as being easy to read and navigate, your site should engage with a customer and encourage an action, whether that is buying a product, ordering a service, signing up to a newsletter or getting in touch. With this in mind, I can work with you to improve the content quality of your landing pages. Some, such as the product pages, have more priority than others. Quality content, rather than just a list or an image, will engage customers and help to produce the results you want.


Are your current product descriptions too technical for a customer market? Do you have basic information, but want to bulk out the text on your website so it is more customer-friendly and inspirational? Perhaps your manufacturing suppliers are overseas and the translation provided is not up to scratch? With over five years’ experience working in retail, I will work with you to improve, or simply write, your product descriptions, boost average customer time spent on your website and increase interest in your product.


While much marketing is now carried out online, brochures, flyers and general promotional literature are still an effective way of reaching a wider market. Having written marketing literature on a wide variety of subjects, I can write, or edit, a brochure, flyer or leaflet that tells potential customers exactly who you are and what you can offer them.


An article placed in the right publication, or on the right platform, can be an effective way of giving potential customers more information about your business. Articles can raise your profile, provide insight into your brand values and give you the chance to empathise and align with an audience.


Is your service technical, with no obvious tangible product? Or perhaps it is something completely new on the market. Then a case study can really help to attract customers by demonstrating exactly what you do and how it benefits them. Whether you have the basic details for a case study, or you need me to speak to the subject of the case study, I can work with you to produce a case study that showcases your business.


A good sales letter should be short, snappy, and to the point. Highlighting your promotion or offer, a sales letter will help to convert your contacts list into buying customers. Whether you need me to create a sales letter, or look at your existing style of communication and its effectiveness, I can ensure it has an attention-grabbing headline, a strong call-to-action and delivers the right message.


Newsletters are a useful tool for engaging with existing customers. Like a blog, they can show customers or clients that your business is at the forefront of its industry. Newsletters can be informative and entertaining. They can also provide an outlet for a sales promotion. Let’s talk about what you want from a newsletter and how I can help you.


A blog is a light-hearted, friendly and informal way of engaging with customers and contacts. Your business can use a blog to align itself with the right type of customer, someone who is interested in what your business has to offer. A blog can be used to highlight brand values, show your business as a thought leader in the industry, and improve search engine rankings with keywords and its dynamic and interactive nature.


Press releases are a fantastic way to promote your business. Press releases can be used to tell the world about your start-up business, about a new product range, a new service launch, an event, a charitable cause your business is involved in, an achievement, and more. With a diploma in public relations and hundreds of press releases under my belt, I can draft a press release for you and work with you, if required, to target relevant media outlets.


If you simply require my copy editing and proof reading skills, then please do get in touch. I will ensure your copy has the same style and tone of voice for a consistent brand message. I will also check for grammatical errors and can make suggestions as to the order of your information and the message itself.


If you are an overseas company looking to sell your product or service in the UK, then you will need a website and marketing literature written in English. A native English speaker understands all the literary and cultural quirks of the English language and the UK market. A literally-translated text, or a non-native speaker’s text, may not necessarily be as effective. Let’s talk about how I can work with your content and write copy that appeals to an English speaking audience.

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