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Would you talk like a pirate?

The 19th September marks International Talk like a Pirate Day. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up and walk around speaking with a funny accent, saying things you wouldn’t normally, and not worry about getting arrested.

But it’s also a good reminder that there is no one common language for everyone – the importance of tailoring your business tone, language and style when talking to your customers is more valuable now than ever.

Sometimes, this is obvious. You wouldn’t write a website for a children’s brand, in the same way you would write a professional services website, for example.

However, some areas are more of a minefield. Take social media platforms. The tone of social media is informal. Slang, colloquialism, abbreviations and emojis are all acceptable. But how then, do you maintain your reputation as a serious contender in the industry, a brand with kudos and expertise, while adopting a chatty tone on Facebook and engaging with customers?

It’s a tricky task, but it’s essential to decide on the tone you want your business to convey, and stick to that tone throughout all your marketing and literature, with slight tweaks depending on the audience.

I heard a great story about a disgruntled customer sending a complaint to Marks & Spencer’s in the style of a rap song. The brand’s customer services department responded, also in rap style, much to the customer’s surprise, who was no doubt impressed and continued to shop with the store. The Marks & Spencer’s brand remains the same: a solid, reliable, British brand. Yet, in its tailored responses to customers, it shows that it listens and reacts accordingly to its various audiences.

If you would like someone to audit the tone of your website, or your leaflets and catalogues could do with a language overhaul, take a look at what services I offer and get in touch.

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