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Poetry for Marketing Purposes

The importance of engaging with your customers is without doubt. If a customer cannot identify with a company, and share the same values, they will soon lose interest and take their custom elsewhere.

But no one said that engaging has to always take the same form. Engaging doesn’t have to be ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ on Facebook. In fact, usually, it’s the novel ideas that stand out and attract first time customers as well as cement the relationship with existing customers.

With this in mind, I was delighted to work on a limerick for one of my clients, to help promote a product launch in a fun and quirky way. Rather than limiting itself to a press release and social media announcement, Bambino&i, a new and innovative company that provides online baby massage courses, thought a limerick to coincide with National Limerick Day, would add extra oomph to its message.

And here’s the limerick:

The Bumbino

There was once a little boy

Going nappy-less gave him much joy

His legs loved to thrash

There was no nappy rash

It was more fun than playing with a toy

Baby experts say going nappy-less is relieving

Of symptoms like eczema and teething

Baby can freely move

And the air it can soothe

Letting skin on the bum do some breathing

But that left a problem for dad and mum

For the little boy had a tickly tum

Without a nappy

The boy was wee-happy

And baby massage had a messy outcome

But luckily Bumbino saved the day

A hero product that keeps mess at bay

A bib for the botty

A prelude to the potty

And the little boy got nappy-less play

The Bumbino is unique, something new

Made of towelling that’s soft, absorbent bamboo

And with a waterproof lining

It won’t leave you whining

Over little accidents comprising wee and poo!

If you think a poem would work for your business, perhaps you have an important calendar event on the horizon, or a new product launch, then please do get in touch.

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