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Martini, more than just a cocktail

It’s National Martini Day on the 19th June, and as we all sip on our cocktails in appreciation, businesses should take note - a strong message, or slogan can make a brand.

“Martini, shaken not stirred”, a phrase first coined in author Ian Fleming’s novel Diamonds Are Forever in 1956, and used in every James Bond film, has taken this simple cocktail to a whole new level. Thanks to its association with Bond, the Martini is seen as a stylish drink and is synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

The traditional Martini cocktail comprises gin and dry vermouth, which are poured into a mixing glass with ice cubes, then stirred, strained into a chilled cocktail glass and garnished with a twist of lemon or green olive.

There are lots of variations, not least Bond’s ‘shaken’ version, as well as the use of different gins (Bond favoured Gordon’s) and different quantities of the alcoholic drinks involved. Even Bond tweaks the recipe in the film Casino Royale, with a special ‘Vesper Martini’ in reference to his ‘Bond Girl’ in that film. However, the phrase “Shaken, not stirred” has stood the test of time.

How every company in the world wishes that its product would be adopted by a Hollywood film franchise or that a high profile author favours their brand for a leading, and popular character. Think of all that free publicity, free advertising, brand building... Of course, the opposite – bad publicity as a result of association with an unpopular figurehead, for example, could take quite some recovery, but we’ll save this point for another blog post ;).

Your slogan, or advertising strapline, is an important element in establishing your brand, or an individual product. It needs to be punchy, succinct, and paint a picture in the customer’s mind. So much so, that when they visit the shops, they are swayed into buying your product, simply because the slogan pops into their mind.

I can’t promise that James Bond et al will be knocking on your door any time soon, but I can help you to coin a phrase that perfectly describes your service or product in a short, snappy and catchy way.

Drop me a line if this is something you’d like to explore, and go easy on the Vesper Martinis :)

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